April 2nd, 2008

  • roybot


it's not right. needs to be fixed. something is missing. goddammit why can't i do anything right? goddammit. something is out of place, something is wrong. there always is. never done anything just right, just the way i wanted it to go. always just a little bit off. a little bit wrong. torture. try to fix the problems and i just can't, i still make mistakes. always mistakes. fuck mistakes. fuck everything i ever do, it's never worth anything anyway. goddammit. this is all wrong. i thought i could do things perfectly but things never are. when's it ready? never. it's not right, not ready. nothing is ready about it. what? i did something wrong? bullshit. i don't make mistakes. you must be mistaken. fuck you. i did it right. fuck you. i don't make mistakes. i always make mistakes. i always make mistakes. never correct. always wrong. always always always always. doesn't matter what it is, i'm doing it wrong. i can never live up to expectations. i can't make things the way i want them to be. they're always off. off. incorrect. imperfect. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong fuck die