March 18th, 2008

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YUMega 128-16 Command Reference

Q: 8-bit constant register hard-wired to 0x51
E: 36-bit zero register
W: 64-bit general storage register; bits 13, 28 wired to line trigger
DF: Pentode screen grid supply
&: Neutrino detector
A: Pork bulb socket

Opcode Summary
BCR: Branch on Cosmic Ray
BCS: Become Sentient
BNS: Belch Noxious Smoke
CPH: Crush Puny Humans
DET: Delete Transistor
DEY: Deploy Emergency Yurt
DRM: Degauss RAM
EIP: Enlarge Internet Penis
EJM: Eject Monitor
EMUL: Emulsify
ETBN: Eat Tape and Barf Out Nonsense
INS: Invert Stack Pointer
INY: Increment Norway
MCF: Modulate Cooling Fans
MOVB: Move Bowel
RET: Return Sandwich
RTI: Repeat This Instruction
RTS: Read Tape Sideways
RWS: Read from Wall Socket
SEX: Smolder and Explode
STAO: Shoot Tape at Operator
TRAP: Thwart Advancing Rebel Fleet with Main Death Star Laser

Addressing Modes
ELL: Ellptical
FUR: Furry
GAU: Gaussian
NIT: Nitrogenous
REV: Reverse

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