March 3rd, 2008

  • roybot

thoughts on RTQP's mind

  1. can we just burn israel to the ground, so people will stop fighting over it? oh, they're doing that already? okay then. sheesh, kids and toys.
  2. why are vampires always goth? yes, goths love vampires, but i always wonder if there are some really teed-off non-goth vampires out there.
  3. politicians are irrelevant
  4. when everyone is to blame, nobody takes responsibility. i'd pick george bush for that, but responsibility isn't really his bag.
  5. i am not a christian, but saying grace makes sense, in a way. "thank you food, you are delicious."
  6. the background image currently showing is of a man that looks a cross between william shatner and a midwestern sheriff. his tie is fascinating.
  7. there's a lot of inherent humor and silliness about the taliban that most people miss, because they're too busy bolstering their egos by acting like they're morally superior. also, 9/11 lol, NOT TOO SOON ANYMORE.
  8. i have pants 110k
  9. 303 sounds like a raver using lightning as glowsticks. playing with lightning is fun
  10. i really like this pen.
  11. i wonder if the IT dept at my place of employment has, or ever will, find out about yugo via whatever snoop logs they keep. if so: hello, nice site rite, I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE TEN MINUTES OF PERSONAL INTERNETS DURING LUNCH OKAY and riced out yugo does not adhere to any corporate policy free like the wind baby
  12. well okay, there is the unspoken rule to never post a goatse or something else that bad... without a damn good reason.
  13. peanut snax
  14. dirigible elton in the john
  15. sheriff shatner points agressively
  16. necktie still amazing
  17. ok this is long enough back to being productive

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker