January 4th, 2008

  • roybot

commercials that rtqp likes, but still has snarky comments for, vol. II

  1. 5 gum, "giant synaesthetic machines": these commercials are riveting. beautiful. however, i prefer mints.
  2. snickers, "angry viking": this commercial is hilarious, but no matter how many commercials you show, my snickers intake will either remain constant, or decrease.
  3. comcast spotlight, "so targeted you ALMOST can't miss": your ads have the miraculous effect of shooting themselves in the foot. i have no desire to purchase targeted television advertising, and so when you show me ads claiming your television advertising is highly targeted and effective, i am somehow not convinced.
  4. dominos, "30 minutes": funny, but a local pizza place will generally deliver in about 20, and makes much better pizzas.
  5. ???, "sorry my brother, you gots to get your own.": years later, i still remember this commercial and smile. unfortunately for the advertiser, i cannot remember what it was attempting to sell me.
  6. ceephax acid crew, "eurostar acid": i like this commercial, but it is rendered ineffective by the inescapable fact that your link to purchase it is zorched.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker