December 12th, 2007

  • roybot

dictionaries attempt to regain some of their lost hip-ness

BOSTON (Reuters) - "w00t," an expression of joy coined by online gamers, was crowned word of the year on Tuesday by the publisher of a leading U.S. dictionary.

Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster Inc. said "w00t" -- typically spelled with two zeros -- reflects a new direction in the American language led by a generation raised on video games and cell phone text-messaging.

It's like saying "yay," the dictionary said.


Merriam-Webster President John Morse said "w00t" reflected the growing use of numeric keyboards to type words.


One day, my friends, Riced Out Yugo will be an accepted academic institution. Sign up for your Riced Out Diploma before the rush comes.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker