December 6th, 2007

  • roybot

about the reverend tedward q. porktanker

the reverend tedward q. porktanker was born with the following special powers:
  • ability to split a hair infinite times (so don't try him)
  • ability to never lose an argument... unless he wants to
  • ability to write yugo posts
  • ability to annoy the hell out of anyone within a 10-metre radius (and some besides)
  • ability to haul ass
  • ability to meta-think
  • ability to forge words and alter language

in addition, through his studies, he has developed the following ninja powers:
  1. power to move silently
  2. power to hold his breath for long periods
  3. power to confuse
  4. power to ingest any level of hallucinogens and have his sanity remain intact
  5. power to trigger chain reactions
  6. power to balance on things
  7. power to confuse household pets

he is currently in search of a new master who can help him develop further ninja powers. the yellow pages have proved unhelpful in this regard.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker