November 27th, 2007

  • roybot


al'[right u cujntas, itlls lay it on thqwline 4u lolsucl,. hjere is how drukqrfs play casarole in teh 23th cventryu musiz of afx twine (aleso wit: dicekman, smpofdgecaes, fonicboi on rope): fjirst i find ED of teh chamriclal bros in a fclub and he nhjeeds a lien reel i t3ll hyikm i;ll give him an 8ball and a bjag of sklightly axspired pervitin tblaets if je gets n2 me tank. whjen he does, ie3llock ed inside thar tank 4 5 week with higha quality, neumann condenswer mckiyfone plrgged n2 bneve preamp, eqz. record edxs waitl2s of despair, load thn2m n2 sampler. thent3 i usjed tyhe sampl3s to nmaek a track3 called DFGJKLDFGsdfgh whiqch got releasaed as gwarek2 on dtruqks.

othjer tha3n thatt dtruq2ks haev playew3d no role in my msuics.

Posted by Richard D. James