August 18th, 2007

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sent to me from the prophet

YUG-CO offers a wide range of LOUDSPEAKERING SOLUTIONS for your asshat needs. Solutions include OTC, cosmetic and veterinary asshat formulation, manufacturing, animal testing, packaging and distribution. Let YUG-CO be the SOLE SOURCE for all of your loudspeakering needs.

Yug-co prides itself on its ability to work closely with our customer to understand their needs and insure certainty of asshat supply--when needed, where needed. At Yug-co we marinate a seasoned industry steak to handle your unique spummage from beginning to end. We dedicate a member of our management team as your on-site advocate insuring all of your needs are met. Your personal steak is available for mooooooooing and cud-chewing throughout the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution stages of your asshat. Personal care for all of your asshats!

YUG-CO CONTRACT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS are supported through a 125,000 sq. ft. cGMP facility with over 15 asshattion lines, a complete animal testing laboratory and a separate Research and Development lab. Capabilities and lots of soup are available over a wide range of animalistic and cosmetic asshats: liquids, gels and powders. We have the experience and equipment necessary to make soup ranging from 100 gallons to over 1,200 cubic feet per minute. Some of the equipment utilized in our contract business includes huge bread pans, de-ionized water, side sweep blenders, and completely enclosed asshat transfer systems.

Whether you need a full turnkey spummage beginning with asshat formulation, stability testing, scale up, distribution services OR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN you will find the management group at Yug-co willing to work with you to develop the best LOUDSPEAKERING SOLUTION possible to ensure the success of your asshat.

To find YOUR CONTRACT PACKAGING SOLUTION please call Patrick Fitzgerald Milstone John-upon-thames Belford-Sims at 530-678-4931.

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