August 13th, 2007

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random post defcon disorder

omg 5 of them
dan k is a point nine five sort of person
badge watering is a bad thing to do
geeks usually can hold their liquour. Except when they can't.
INTERNET ASSHAT SPECIALISM is a new up and coming field in internet asshattery. do you have your IAS certification?
don't try getting into clubs without a real identification they do not like this no they do not at all

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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who are we

why do we do this? why do we go through life? why do we live? what the fuck is this shit? what is the meaning of life? where do we go when we die? where do we go when we live even? where do babies come from? what is the largest prime number? what do we do now? where do we go from here? what is this? why do we work? why do we do drugs and drink? why do we break down into a million pieces and cry? why do we love? why do we hate? why do we do what we do? why are we who we are?

the answer:
Richard Nixon.

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3am ahoy

Oh god why do I still talk to you, not like there wasn't a point in banning you until the next millenia. 3am is nearing and without the numbing sensation of pointless ammounts of TV my mind is beginning to become more active as the dread of realisation grows.

I will attempt to bury this permenantly, although it will have to be addressed as you pointed out - you gave no reason so I am completely in the dark but I know what you meant. All I can hope for is I either die in some car accident (or something completely medicore like that) before I have to explain the mistakes I have made or that I manage to pretend everything is ok for the next few years until it all goes to hell...

... again

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest
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I still say that Hatsby should have logged the responces to the original hatting despite the huge numbers involved purely because it would be a lot more constructive

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: 95% Real Yugo
Date: 13 Aug 2007, 00:40

I say old bean, have you seen my hat?

----------------- Responce -----------------
Subject: And a fabulously salubrious greeting to you old chap!

Body: Firstly i must point out, that yes i have seen a hat! It was along time ago and it was in a very abstract sense. If it was yours or not...I cannot say for sure. Memory and time have obscured the exact details of the aforementioned headwear, was a very nice hat. To look upon it's wonderments once more, would be a dream i dare not...dare to dream! Hang on a minute...It's on your head!

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest