July 11th, 2007

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My breakfast consisted of a half-packet of wine gums that I found in my sleeping bag. Light levels were low but the ammount of destruction to the living room of this flat seemed pretty high. I tried to find my trousers/pants that had been lost mysteriously within the wreckage of last nights orgy/piss-up. Fuck sake.

I need to get home.

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There's a rainbow inside your mind

The music seemed like it was hitting me in the face but it was exhilarating all the same. I had a strong sense of being inside my own body. The outside world was definitely outside of my own head instead of being part of the real world I was my own reality, my own little society.

"Inside every cynic there is a disappointed idealist"

You fucking cunt, I'm not an idealist - I'm just a realist. Talking of which:

A Letter To My Love

Some say such an unwritten letter would be pointless but the only reason I'm sat here typing/writing it is because it matters to me as a person. Maybe the quote should be "Behind every cynic there is a relationship broken by society". If only we could try to fix the broke shards of the mirror without hurting either one of us. Unfortunately sharp objects tend to have that tendency - let us call those the shards of social responsibility and general modern society. Friends are dangerous objects, they tear apart lives.

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest