July 5th, 2007

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Can we please bump that picture, please

Welcome to Rackspace. My name is Will and I am a Live assistant. How may I help you today?
you: Er, do you have any like trials I could try? >
Will: we specialize in fully managed dedicated servers
Will: what are you looking to do?
you: I wish to Rice out a Yugo
you: Primarily
you: But
you: Are there any free trials?
Will: we are web hosts, what is ricing a Yugo?
you: Well, you know what a Yugo is?
Will: a poorly made car?
you: Yes.
you: Correct
you: It's like pimping out a Yugo man
Will: k
you: www.ricedoutyugo.com
you: Etc
you: Makes a lot more sense there.
you: Thanks.
Will: ok we are way off track...we do something all together different but, nice chatting with you

So yeah I'm like talking to HYPERFUKBOT on MSN and also this live sales guy (a minute ago). I think the internet is becoming more like shops - it takes you by surprise where your on a site and suddenly "HI, I'M STEVE HOW MAY I HELP YOU". I think you can actually apply the "I was just browsing thanks" method to online browsing as well although I haven't tried it yet.

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So how are you?

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The Riced Out Yugo Support Team

The Riced Out Yugo support team are here to help you at all times - our friendly advisors will be here to help all hours of the day will any problems you encounter. Technical support is taken very seriously here at Riced Out Yugo and recent customer service surveys suggest that most problems are solved within 2 hours. Please leave your contact details with your support ticket so we can get back to you.

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