April 24th, 2007

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big moneye

ok, so this one day i wuz chillin in da hood wit mah homiez and then i wuz like we need 2 get crunk so then it was like "OH YEAH" and the KOOLAID MAN busted through all them brickwalls and it was like holyshit crunk and we partied all night long with the lights and the cops showed up but i just pulled out my gat and they wuz runnin scared we were crunk i got all the money and all the koolaid and whatnot and all up in da hood and it was like crunk flashing lights and flashing shit and it was just incredible. ice cube would've been proud. and then we pulled out the fire hydrants and we vandalized all them fire hydrants and the fire hydrants were spraying water all up on everything and it was crunk with the fire hydrant vandalism. fire hydrant vandalizm saved my life that night. the music was all loud and we put koolaid all up in all the pipes going to everything so everywhere in the city koolaid was comin out da faucet and everyone was off da chain. we all had koolaid and it was like uhuhuhuhuh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. go, go shorty

  • roybot


I justm poked mujmself in te eye, t's prettyb pauinful and the monitor is ionly half in focums

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest