April 10th, 2007

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ybir is getting high on our emotional/mental constructs
ybir is getting crunk on our emotional/mental constructs
ybir is when every moment of your life is turned upside down and you can't stop thinking about it
ybir is when it's too much to handle rationally.
ybir is when asdgfadasdfsdagasltwi.
ybir is when it becomes the only keeping you alive.
ybir is an excuse to write a shitty post and you just fuck with the words just to make it yugo. you gotta get it out, nobody to really talk to. nobody to listen. ybir.
ybir. listen to me. don't bother trying to decode bullshit for this one time, just accept it. take it in.
ybir is NOT a series of tubes or cubes or yugos or whatever.
ybir ybir ybir....
ybir is all I think about.
ybir is where I'm at.
ybir warps my perception.
ybir makes me laugh.
ybir is beyond my comprehension. so far beyond. there are things that I don't understand. why.
ybir is not going to sleep for a thousand years.
ybir is where nothing makes sense anymore.
ybir is not enlightenment unfortunately.
what the fuck is ybir.

what the fuck is this. who the fuck are you. why are you reading this. my soul is all up in ybir. what the fuck. fuck you. fuck fucuiadtadjosgbnfg;jadngjk;adngjklasdnkl;asdnf;klasndfkl;asndf

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Attention Yugoists

We've got a group meeting south of the border. Bring the 4 next to the 8, when the birds fly to the south. Make sure to cross the wood when it's wet.

Posted by Mahjong The Wisest