March 29th, 2007

  • roybot

Some thoughts

- if asians rice out cars, do americans hamburger out trucks?
- what if q were the most used letter in the english language?
- what if france had kicked germany's ass? would senators encourage the use of the term "freedomfooters" instead?
- did you just snicker when you read the term "freedomfooters"? i suspect this because i did when i wrote it.
- on that note, i wonder what sort of candy bar a chuckle is. i think a giggle sounds more like a gumdrop or something.
- what adjectives define you as a person?
- would your elders approve of your action-item list?
- why the hell are there so many images of people in judge wigs on this damn site?
- if someone started a cell phone provider in the US that didn't suck, they would totally make a killing.
- ditto for cable, internet.
- hacked by skype.
- everyone looks like a tool when they are wearing a bluetooth headset. i demand to see a photo of the inventor of the device. he probably looks like steve mann. maybe he is steve mann. man ol' mann. that man.
- steve pinker got the top score in crystal quest and i just can't fucking beat the ol' windbag's score.
- at your next party have a reeses pizza.
- freedom spamburgers
- what if e weren't a vowel?
- how long does it take hamburgers to unthaw?
- what if riced out yugo were perfectly clear to anyone who read it?

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker