February 17th, 2007

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- if 2 people make a couple, what do N people make (hypothesis: george bush?)
- if 2 hands clapping makes a sound, what is the sound if N hands clapping (hypothesis: applause?)
- if all the people in the world laid down edge to edge, someone could kill them all really easy. I recommend that we never do this.
- how many people at any given point in time in the world have a TARDIS? (hypothesis: t'=2n^6*(20q^2)/(2nq)+n'/24).
- wat is a nanoscope (hypothesis: a microscope that you can only see with a microscope)
- if a person dies out in the middle of the forest with nobody else to see or hear it, did the person really die? (hypothesis: q)
- in 20 words or less, describe the universe and give 3 examples.
- if a fukbot is designed for fuk, what are robots designed for?
- Riced Out Yugo is a series of cubes.

  • roybot


if 2 hands clapping makes a sound, what is the sound if N hands clapping?

hypothesis: applause?

well, let us think about this. is applause the only, immutable thing that can result from N hands clapping?

of course not. first of all, there are multiple types of applause. there is polite applause, awedappluase, and thunderous applause. furthermore, there is applesauce. check the concession stands, ladies and/or g's.

so in addition to N, the number of hands clapping, we also have to deal with A = the number of types of applause.

how many types of applause are there? i don't feel qualified to answer. if i had to put forth a hypothesis, however, it would be: A = infinity.

square that and you get

NA*NA (this problem is unsolvable)

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker