February 3rd, 2007

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the alabama black snake must be served

with wine and cheese

throw down the filters and turn off the nonlinear elements.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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ozymandiaz in da hizzouse

ok, so i wuz chillin' over at jesus's pad, at dis badass party. it wuz a crunk party. keanu reeves was there, da pope was gettin' jiggy wit it, oj simpson was settin shit on fire, and l. ron hubbard got naked with my man mc hammer. Me and da cool dj rtqp were sitting on his couch. g-sus, da head o' da house, was in the back room sexin' da hoes up, while we was watchin' the tube. Then this punk, ozymandiaz walks all up to me and rtqp all up in our faces like "WHAT BITCHES". he wuz messin' my fro and blockin' my crunk rays. rtqp was all like "hax!!". ozy-man was sayin' someshit about like "My name is da Ozymandias, crack dealer of crack dealers: Look on my crunk, ye wacky wack punks, and despair!". I was just all like "WHAT BITCH! YO CRUNK? YOU THINK YOU GOT CRUNK?! LOOK AT YO SHIT. YOU AINT GOT SHIT COMIN. YOU JUST AINT GOT SHIT COMIN. LOOK AT CHO HAIR BITCH. YOU SIMPLE ASS FUCKA NEED TO GET OUT O MY FACE BITCH. TAKE YO MOMMA CAR HOME. YOU GOT ALL DAT FAKE ASS BLING, DAT SHIT IS PLASTIC. BOUGHT IT AT WALMART. THATS RIGHT. I SAID IT. BITCH. WHAT DA FUCK YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT. WHAT. YOU GONNA TRY TO KICK MY ASS? MAN I GOT PNRFNE BACKIN' MY ASS UP. HE'S GONNA COME TO YO HOUSE AND FUCK YOU UP. AINT GONNA BE NOTHIN LEFT BUT SAND. NOTHIN. BITCH.". and now he aint got nothin left but sand, and some dumbass statue and fake bling. fake-ass mothafucka, fuck wit me i put a foot in yo ass.

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YOu have a dizk of HATz.
diesel faz HELMET
/wave scepter


Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)