January 17th, 2007

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I've been ambushed.
WAT intoxication (also known as hyperyugoation or WAT poisoning) is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain function that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside of safe limits by a very rapid intake of WAT.
Symptoms include:
Aboulia, Absence seizure, Air hunger, Amaurosis fugax, Amenorrhoea, Anhedonia, Anorexia, Anosognosia, Anxiety, Apyrexy, Ascites, Asthenia, Ataxia, Athymhormia, Atonic seizure, Aura, Automatic behavior, Avolition, Azotemia, Baby acne, Black Pox, Bloating, Bradycardia, Brain shiver, Bubo, Burping, Butterflies in the stomach, Cachexia, Canga's bead symptom, Cataplexy, Chancre, Closed-eye hallucination, Coffee ground vomiting, Collapse, Complex partial seizure, Compulsive hoarding, Coprolalia, Cough, Delusion, Delusional parasitosis, Depression, Diarrhea, Diplopia, Directed attention fatigue, Discordia, Disordered eating, Dizziness, Drooling, Drop attack, Dysdiadochokinesia, Exercise intolerance, Eye circles, Fainting, Fasciculation, Fatigue, Fever, Focal seizures, Form constant, Galactorrhea, Gelastic seizure, Globus pharyngis, Glossodynia, Haemolacria, Hallucination, Headache, Hedonism, Hematemesis, Hiccup, Hyperventilation, Hypotonia, Ideas of reference, Immaculate conception, Inflammation, Intermittent claudication, Intrusive thoughts, Itch, Jacksonian seizure, Lightheadedness, Low back pain, Macrocytosis, Mass effect, Melena, Milia, Monoarthritis, Mucositis, Muscle weakness, Myalgia, Myerson's sign, Myxedematous psychosis, Nasal congestion, Nausea, Nocturia, Nosebleed, Obdormition, Oscillopsia, Overeating, Palpitation, Parageusia, Paralysis, Phantom limb, Polydipsia, Pseudodiarrhea, Rash, Renal colic, Rhinorrhea, Rigor, Saturday night palsy, Seizure, Self-hatred, Stomatitis, Stupor, Tardive dyskinesia, Tetanic contraction, Tic, Tourettism, Traveler's diarrhea, Tremor, Twitching, Ulcer, Urinary retention, Vaginal bleeding, Vertigo, Vomiting, Weight loss, Xerostomia.

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i am eager to force my hatred on society.

Minimalism: A nonrepresentational style of sculpture and painting, usually severely restricted in the use of visual elements and often consisting of simple geometric shapes or masses. The style came to prominence in the late 1960s.

That definition isn't quite minimalist.

Neither is this post.

Heavy soled boots and shoes marched in a tight circle.

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