January 11th, 2007

  • roybot

this is a tech blog (tog/blech)

hello ladies and apple iphones,

today i'd like to discuss a very importand topic on my blech/tawg. the apple iphone. apple's iphone rings a lot of bells. apple iphone is the right call for consumers. apple, not apple computer. apple yahoo iphone go, stay connected with the. apple iphone unveils tv that is bigger than other tvs. apple iphone patents $90,000 table. apple iphone link with global warming not definitively established. india launches apple iphone into space. omg apple iphone. omg apple iphone! ooomg apple iphone!!!! nintendo wii still outselling apple iphone. paris hilton and britney spears the worst apple iphones. steve jobs still a hippie. apple iphone spotted over europe. FDA oks the sale of genetically engineered apple iphones. bush sends 21,500 apple iphones to iraq. bush approval rating 12 ipods. prince william of wales dating apple iphone. walking hairpiece donald trump re-insults walking refridgerator rosie o'donnell (LOL SHE'S FAT APPLE IPHONE). roadside apple iphone explodes in downtown baghdad. apple iphone found to be source of viable stem cells. blogs all over talk about apple iphone.

apple iphone?

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker