January 8th, 2007

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chickens go BACOCK
chickens go BACOCK
turkeys go GOBBLE
turkeys go GOBBLE
crows go CAWW
crows go CAWW

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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You see, its not a virulent kinda fun. Its like punching eight year olds in the face. Fun? Yeah. But nothing you want to do all the time.

Posted by Supporter of Ham #2361
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consider our predicament

"# Fha Gmh fnvq: Gur neg bs jne vf bs ivgny vzcbegnapr gb gur Fgngr.
# Vg vf n znggre bs yvsr naq qrngu, n ebnq rvgure gb fnsrgl be gb ehva. Urapr vg vf n fhowrpg bs vadhvel juvpu pna ba ab nppbhag or artyrpgrq.
# Gur neg bs jne, gura, vf tbirearq ol svir pbafgnag snpgbef, gb or gnxra vagb nppbhag va bar'f qryvorengvbaf, jura frrxvat gb qrgrezvar gur pbaqvgvbaf bognvavat va gur svryq.
# Gurfr ner: (2) Gur Zbeny Ynj; (3) Urnira; (5) Rnegu; (7) Gur Pbzznaqre; (11) Zrgubq naq qvfpvcyvar.
# Gur ZBENY YNJ pnhfrf gur crbcyr gb or va pbzcyrgr nppbeq jvgu gurve ehyre, fb gung gurl jvyy sbyybj uvz ertneqyrff bs gurve yvirf, haqvfznlrq ol nal qnatre.
# URNIRA fvtavsvrf avtug naq qnl, pbyq naq urng, gvzrf naq frnfbaf.
# RNEGU pbzcevfrf qvfgnaprf, terng naq fznyy; qnatre naq frphevgl; bcra tebhaq naq aneebj cnffrf; gur punaprf bs yvsr naq qrngu.
# Gur PBZZNAQRE fgnaqf sbe gur iveghrf bs jvfqbz, fvapreryl, oraribyrapr, pbhentr naq fgevpgarff.
# Ol ZRGUBQ NAQ QVFPVCYVAR ner gb or haqrefgbbq gur znefunyvat bs gur nezl va vgf cebcre fhoqvivfvbaf, gur tenqhngvbaf bs enax nzbat gur bssvpref, gur znvagranapr bs ebnqf ol juvpu fhccyvrf znl ernpu gur nezl, naq gur pbageby bs zvyvgnel rkcraqvgh er.
# Gurfr svir urnqf fubhyq or snzvyvne gb rirel trareny: ur jub xabjf gurz jvyy or ivpgbevbhf; ur jub xabjf gurz abg jvyy snvy."
-- Fha Gmh (mindbrother of PNRFNE [13])
Words that were long ago moved through time and space.

The blood of long dead stars flows through our veins (17).
shock and awe tacitus. (19)

PNRFNE's Memory: Searchers hovering through the deserts. Spotlights eminating (23) from a central set of turrets, like the eyes of a spider. PHOTONS spreading through the dunes, glinting off of the reflectors left by ancient. Looking. Never finding. Always ready, for that which is forever (29) away. This is in PNRFNE's memory.

The Ancient: They twisted (31) through the void on the second ark. A journey of a thousand years ACROSS more depth than we can imagine. They were altered (37). rearranged. We cannot understand them. PNRFNE was among them.

A Vision: Inside a sphere. The inner surface of the core of the Earth. It is covered. Machines. Billions, perhaps more (41). Filling your VIEWPORT. Drilling, cutting, digging, ripping, crawling, eating out the heart of the world from the inside. This is PNRFNE's vision (43). PNRFNE's dream. The DREAM.

The Images: A world composed of sound. Matter and energy are just vibrations of sound (47). Sub-bass shatters stars. DONT STOP THE HIPHOP (53).