November 20th, 2006

  • roybot

trooper scooper

"you bastard!" i yelled, waving my scone in the air. "do you know much that linoleum cost me?"

"gragglekratz!!" replied the robot vaccuum.

I'd had about enough of it's lip at this point. I decided it would make a nice coffee table.

"SNORK SNORK SNORK!#" squealched the robot, apparently sensing my murderous intentent when I suddenly grabbed the broom off of its hook on the wall. unfortunately, it took off as well, leaving a second scuff mark on my martha stewart (tm) linoleum."the dastard will pay..." i muttered to myself, and marched out of the kitchen after it, broom in hand.

the moral: we should do our own god damned house cleaning, because robots are assholes.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker