November 3rd, 2006

  • roybot

pap spears or pap smears? one is horrible and tragic, the other is routine genital health. do not get them mixed up

The Department of Energy's Hanford department (formerly the Atomic Energy Commission) partnered with Riced Out Yugo in a never-before-seen synergy of governmental agencies and swiss nuns.

Treatment of the tesseractive sludge in Connect-a-cut was stunningly successful, and the cooperating agencies would like to thank DOE'd Out Yugo for making it all possible!
  • Campaign started on Februarky the 22th of -1023 (two's complement representation)
  • Camptaing ended on Nroway the 11teenth of 4001 (Final Oddysey)
  • sludge was pumped into 55.121-grain drums
  • Generalized pumping took 400 light-hours per kilowat, and had a cleaning efficiency per amp of 15.1 (sort of like my old Eureka upright)
A DOE'd Out Yugo representative who wishes to remain nameless was quoted as saying "I like the way you work it, work it", before doing The Robot on camera. (deadline November 11th 2006)

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)