September 17th, 2006

  • roybot


It was about 2 PM, and time for the Chemical Brothers to devour Manhattan. However, they seemed to be running a tad late, so I turned on my TV watch and started flipping around, trying to locate some hot gardening action.

I did not have much time for that, however, as a medium-sized penguin approached me.

"CAW!~#~" it said.

"Penguins can't fly!" I proclaimed, with a vague sense of alarm. "PENGUINS CAN'T FLY~!!"

That was enough for it - we broke out the fisticuffs.

At that point, mercury was still considered a metal, not a planet. Ham was a luncheon meat. And Burt Bacharach will rip your head off, and shit down your esophagus.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker