September 4th, 2006

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my name is ezekiel and i drive a black isuzu
my name is clarence and i drive a 1987 audi
my name is ralph and i drive a figmobile
my name is viktor and i drive an ice-cold yugo
my name is fred and i drive a baby-blue valium ford

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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A cheese solvent is a soft phase (brie, camembert, or plasma) that dissolves a French, German, or gaseous cheese, resulting in a solution. Frequent industrial uses are to provide increased cheese surface area per pizza pie (cf Dominos V. Pizza hut lawsuit, 2918) and to increase lubricity in cheese valve operation. Please see OSHA Material-Safety Data Sheets series 18-2138 through 19-1001.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)