June 26th, 2006

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Batchelors, jn rree33

Riced Out University provides courses in:
  • Marquee Styling - Preliminary Quax Era
  • Old English Literwature
  • Hatsby and other works by F. Scott Watsgerald
  • Lolmaxing: Increasing return on bot investment
  • Internet Drama: How to curb
Get your Batchelors Degree from Riced Out University.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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We interrupt this showing of Fuzzball: The Golden Age to bring you the following very important OFFICIAL YUGO NEWS ALERT:

leet hacker ddos kiddies with backwards names are attempting to pass off communist lies as yugoality. Please do not panic: Reports from the top-secret yugo bunker say that Great Hatsby will have a remedy to fake hat bots soon. We're all tuned in and awaiting his announcement.

This post brought to you by AJAX Web 2.0. For cleanliness in implementing high-profile webapps. Now with Ruby on Rails Power. Fnord.

On a personal note, Mr. The Plague does not like being impersonated on LiveJournal, and will start to catalog his official posts on the Riced out Yugo Forums.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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Your hat address has been compromised. Using this address a remote hat has gained anaccess to your hat and probably is collecting the information about the hats you've visited and the hatscontained in the folder Temporary Internet Hats. Attention! Ask a haberdasher for help or use the hat for deleting secret information about the hats you visited.

Your hat is full of EVIDENCES!

Posted by fuckle