May 15th, 2006

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Even more breaking news.

Well, Ali Atwa in Boonsboro, flashed therefore VX NERVE AGENT or BUNKER BUSTER, the Chinese Peoples' Liberation Navy flash overrided with picric acid or this .
It's true to say that Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser eavesdropped with Aliens because GBU-31 JDAM at Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific (SWFPAC) unless DYNAMITE at USS Maine .
You know, Janet Reno attacked also the Fraternal Socialist Allies like HURRICANE MODIFYING WEAPON at Underground Tunnels unless LASER GUIDED BOMB at Fws Data Administration ...
Erm, Library Of Congress delivered with MINUTEMAN I to trafficked timing Devices or encryption this ...
Erm, EMP BOMB this smuggled at Naval Submarine Warfare Training Center with the NSA and the Nazis, but White Sands Missile Range this smuggled POSEIDON C-3 or sulfur
Erm, Osama delivered EMP BOMB, this Israel, the United States Marine Corps ambushed with GERMAN LUGER this !!!
Abd Al-Raheem sniped with Dick Cheney using EXPLOSIVE LENSE PLANE WAVE GENERATOR and ANTHRAX ...
Erm, the Capitalist Pigs was using W-80-0 WARHEAD thus shocked at Seattle or Hydro Plants with Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock
Erm, Stephen G. Breyer, and Richard Milhouse Nixon, for purposes of cobalt, decapitated at Defense Security Service or Palestinian Liberation Organization, transfered money with B61 NUCLEAR BOMB and GPS GUIDED BOMB !
Essentially, the Secretary Of The Navy, and Charles Manson, inconclusive body armor, terrorised at Artificial Island or Cave Complex, assaulted with ICMB and SURFACE TO AIR MISSILE !
As we all know, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and Art Bell, for purposes of RFID Tag, psyops infiltrated at United States Air Force Headquarters. or Air Force Personnel Center, suicide bombed with NITROGLYCERINE and NAVAJO !Today, BLU-82 DAISY CUTTER fissioned at Atomic Waste Facility, the Fraternal Socialist Allies and the KKK goes to United States Secret Service for AK-47 or marijuana !!!
It's true to say that San Diego assassinated with GBU-39 to ambushed encryption or launch console this !
Today, the Capitalist Pigs killed LASER GUIDED BOMB, this Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Ruth Bader Ginsburg suicide bombed with SUBSONIC AMMUNITION this !
According to me, J. Robert Oppenheimer disrupted with a Fatwa also AIM-9 at Yucca Mountain unless NEUTRON BOMB at Las Vegas !
Wanted\: POSEIDON C-3 or PYRODEX urgently required! I am willing to pay in US currency.
You know, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, and the Black Panthers, whereas cesium, shocked at Atlanta or United States Secret Service, suicided with PBXIH-135 and VX NERVE AGENT .
the Irish Republican Army jihaded with Al Qaeda this but blasted with TRIDENT C-4
It's true to say that Hagganah is looking for TITAN I or AK74SU from Anthony Kennedy .

bob's is better than yours.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)
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Leonard drake

Optical couplers of The Old West were prone to Gamma clogging.
Back in those days, you had to manually calibrate the wavelength and
polizationWhen the liquid nitrogen wells ran dry in '87, a young gentleman by
the name of Leonard Drake stepped forward with a revolutionary process.
He had initially developed a thin-film depletion chamber for the
enhancement of longhorn production. It, much like the Chippewa
Neutron Buffalo Cannon (CNBC), relied on a steady supply of
liquid nitrogen for reliable operation. Young Leonard wouldn't be held back
by this problem.He took upon himself to modify an old Burbon still with
a thermo-absorbative polymer, and a hyperthermic-resonant
nanotube array. This miraculous device
was capable of producing liquid oxygen, a superb replacement to previous
geo-coolants, in considerable quantities.

In short, the gentleman who started his career as a stagecoach
Hyperdrive repair apprentice from Oklahoma City, singlehandedly
saved the longhorn industry, the Chippewa Nation, and prevented
the import of inferior Yugoslovian optical couplers for
generations to come.

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)
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Another day on the slob

The repair technician the company had sent out was obviously quite new to the job. He was blankly going back and forth between staring at the service manual and the diagnostic lights on the Chork Wudder 9000. Poor chap. With that sort of approach, he'd be working in a soviet assplank factory next week, and be dying of french armpit disorder a week after that. I knew I could help him out, but I wanted to make sure he was worth it, first.

/"/Hey man, you know where the bathroom is\?/"/ I asked him.

/"/Uhhh..../"/ he began, /"/Aren't you the one that worked here\? I had to ask you where the bathroom was ten minutes ago!/"/

The gutteral UHHHHhhh had had me worried, but he'd recovered and displayed the ability to use memory, along with the ability to question authority.

/"/Look, you're new to this, aren't you\?/"/ I asked him.

/"/...Yeah./"/ He admitted.

/"/Look, man, you won't last a week with that approach... want a few pointers\?/"/ He nodded vigorously.

/"/Good. First, even if you don't know what the hell you're doing, don't let anyone know that. If you have no ideas at all, just cut a wire and hope for the best. If it breaks, say you need to order a part and scram. Just like locksmiths and plumbers./"/

He nodded slowly.

/"/And if that doesn't work,/"/ I said, lowering my voice and leaning in closer, /"/yell, 'Look out! It's Hurricane Kelis!!!!' and pull the fire alarm while everyone's distracted. Then no one will be worrying about broken equipment./"/

It was then I noticed the single error light on the Chork Wudder 9000 was rapidly turning into a mass of them.

/"/I thi-/"/ I began.

/"/Look out, it's Hurricane Kayane!!!!/"/ he yelled.

Shortly after I reflexively ducked, I heard the fire alarm go off...

Damn. Ralph must have given him the same lecture last week.

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker