April 10th, 2006

  • roybot

cubic pi bonding

Implementation of the fourth-generation networking protocols have always ran into the collisions problem whereby multiple data units transmitted at the same time have colided into one mental block and require string separation using the C library's strtok(3) function which is not always implemented in a thread safe manner, modifies its arguments, does not properly preclude hermitism in the pigeon, avoidance of terminal altercations, pigtailed females can easily sway it to overflow the main buffer in which the return address when the function falls off the end of the stack will fail to point to anything valid and faults will be segmented during which time a signal handler will be invoked and the flow of control takes a long jump in certain cases, until which the end of the segment has been reached, kerosene flowing out of pores, weighted TSCs becoming desynched, the kernel failing to keep track of ticks from one clock cycle to the next, and the delay loop fails to calibrate against a single-cycle bogomip, the end of which provides a case-insensitive markup language for transmission of single-loop phase data over copper which eventually will be transmuted to heat and blown out of a fan on the backplane, finding trouble with the fix that was pawned, consumer having completed its replicating over the syncrepl provider, into the bdb on-disk cache during fflush(), and the avoidance of run-on sentences.

Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)