February 10th, 2006

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Wat Weekly 00:00:01

Did You ever wonder what the hell Wat is anyhow? No, I don't know either, but I can think of some great things it possibly COULD be!

Nu wat is disinguished from neo-wat, wat generalica, wat^2 and KrautWat by the absense of classic four-on-the-floor synth rhythms. Often replaced by distrorted synth guitar and complicated drum machine complicees.

Nu-wat isn't generally accepted by the masses, for it has fallen out of popularity with the current generation of frauentines and club goers. Choosing for a laid back version of wat generalica called WATensive. WATensive is characterized by melodic beats, crunchy, almost folkish synths and employing several 'real life' or 'old generation' instruments such as the bass guitar, acoustic guitar or marimbas. Giving WATensive a very unique feel when played through headphones, as several stereo seperation gimmicks are often used.

Centered almost completly in Germany, KrautWat is high powered, fully sampled and visceral experiences. Not for the faint of heart, many KrautWat works exceed 270 bpm, with intense and complex timing, often in 16:8, or 9:16. Sprung from the Neo-wat subsection, KrautWat rejects most of the synthpop/rock stylings and opting to engage the listener in deep, rich audio landscapes that assault the ears with no relenting. Much like a german blitzkrieg in World War 2.

Wat Generalica is the closest thing to 'real Wat' in today's scene. Centered around neo-watsters who spend their time in garages with 1980's Casio keyboards, TRS-80's and analouge recording equipment. Producing a very 'rough' sounding proto-synth, almost psychedelic in it's presentation. Electric guitar is often employed to give depth and realism, often times with several distortion/processing methods used to give it a very unique sound. Wat Generalica artists often put out somewhere around 250-300 recordings every year, oftentimes limited edition runs (>30 copies, hand numbered) on cassette tape, 1/4'' reel-to-reel and vinyl records to keep with the aestetic appeal of the analouge pre-time.

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