January 22nd, 2006

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Business analysis of the greasepots.

The dandruff control industries have taken a big hit this fifth.
Business models for the next ten years are wearing bikinis.


Warground policies determine underpit shares.
Shareholders are running thinsliced meats v.67 alfalfa.

carriage bolt, hangar bolt, anchor bolt,
sheet metal screw, tin caps, rebar, joist-hanger nails,
10" spikes, 1" plasticap nails, 3/4" copper pipe (10' joint), marriage license,
toilet seat VBR40, Jumbo-Tex, aspen chips, stump remover, SW40.

Posted by wolf530 (analog hacker extraordinaire)
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Processor lineage

research assistance provided by SOH#2361.

8088 - we liek 8
8086 - we're not so hot on 8 any more
80186 - above the chicken
80286 - twice, above the chicken (16 ISA compatable)
80386sx - now with increased bits
80386dx - now with cop rocessor
80486 - can actually run windows
Pentium - management realizes people can't remember numbers, assumes FDIV error is okay
Pentium Pro: management decides Intel needs to appear more marketable to professionals, because they all use Suns and SGIs at this point due to their abilities to actually calculate correctly
Pentium II: management changes their mind about people not remembering numbers
Pentium III: the revenge
Pentium IV: we should have stopped at III
Pentium Xeon: Brought to you by the international conspiracy of aliens from Andromeda and Rambus (tm) (r) (patent no. 21516161)
Pentium M: management realizes individual letters exist
Pentium ____: now in macs

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker