January 5th, 2006

  • roybot

Hi interview me or i will burn your house down ok?

SoH2361: 1. Teliroot hax, twice milkshakes in the cafeteria?
RTQP: cafeteria blah; burrito telemundo boogie.
SoH2361: Which Little Debbie is superior in the insertion of payphone coin slot?
RTQP: swiss roll
SoH2361: Your analouge percolations make ear candy fun, would you give buy into WILD EYED SUIT WEARER if he flashed 00 DOLLA BLING BLING?
RTQP: Farnsworth T. Bentley
SoH2361: Movie actor that scares the most?
RTQP: jar of peanut butter
SoH2361: Waffle iron or juice extract0r?
RTQP: waffle iron + juice Xtractor = socratic solution

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