November 1st, 2005

  • roybot

i sing a sonata of pork


forsythe: what is an ungry? and why is it wizardish? these sort of questions plagued middle-age scholars, as they attempted to transmute lead into gold in order to buy a ferraris to satisfy their mid-life crises.

forsythe: and, after all, who wouldn't want to satsify oneself with a ferrari?

melodic interlude: tissues flapping in the breeze


forsythe: ham glazed, double fries
attendedant 1: .13 plz
forsythe: alas! the slings and arrows of capitalism squeeze my noble belt! must a man choose between ferrari satisfaction and double fries?
attendedant 1: want me to cancel that double fries?
forsythe: yes, please.

ACT III - commercials:

eat wonderham!!11 wonderham, tasty. you like wonderham. 4.99. available at safeway. wonderham, tasty, available at safeway. wonderham, obey wonderham. wonderham eat your household pets. wonder, ham, 4.99, tasty, safeway, eat household pets.


forsythe: woe, alas! craig t. nelson has stolen my heard-earned ferrari satisfaction!
craig t. nelson: muahaha!!!1 i eat cigarette butts for apiece
forsythe: curse you, craig t. nelson! may lord and god ronald mcdonald give you diarrhea at a socially crippling moment!


everyone died

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker