July 23rd, 2005

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POST 500

wat wat wat wat

wat wat wat wat wat wut :O ~~SNAX

welcome to yugo post 500. please enjoy your stay. our hospitality rooms are stocked with the latest technology and the tastiest morsels for your education & edification.

now say WAT

(Audience sez: WAT?)

here are your keys. room 420. hack the planet, kthx.

Thanks for coming to yugo post 500 afterparty there's a cake in that room over there help yourself it's chocolate

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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daily briefing

should phase clamp of operation delorian fail, the mobile dirigible donut unit will be deployed.

should the mobile dirigible donut unit dunk into the ocean due to enemy fire, we will brew some coffee and head out to investigate.

officer fred here will be manning the radio. he's been administered 35mg of slow-release aderal, so we should be set.

this should be the biggest drug bust of the year. remember, say no to drugs!!1

acid is available for anyone that wants it, and pepperoni pizza will be provided by matter transmogrification to your location at that time, at lunch hour. please hit the delay button if you are under fire, and wish a delay in lunch transmogrification. pressing it once will institute a 30 second delay, after which it must be pressed again, for another 30 seconds.

i know this is a pain, we've had lunch transmogrified in the middle of gunfights due to cadets forgetting to duck for a second and delay lunch. we're working to modify the system, and hope to have it done soon.

it's captain thompson's birthday! he is 127 years old. please wish him a happy birthday.

we have pesto sauce in the fridge.

hax the planet.

squirt ketchup on top of the planet.

because antarctica is a little colorless.

hacked by cthulhu

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker