July 15th, 2005

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in soviet russia, russia soviets you!

the following were documents anonymously leaked to the press. early speculators are already looking at k_arl r~ove, or as he is known in some circles, komrade humpskopf. we will not comment further, but let the documents speak for themselves. translated from russian by dr. pork u. good of porky translation, ltd.

twas zee year of 1962. komrade killzinoff had just planted zee explosives on zee outmost barrier of zee ham factory.

boom, it vent. boom, right in zee ass wall!

vith that, i blew zee mighty v(w)histle, and zee army stormed zee factory!! it was glorious

ham for all!!1~

(C) 2622 the united states of japan

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker
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Got Male

[root@gibson] # aol
aol$ login ebelford
Password: ********
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aol$ channels
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Kids Only Online | kool
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Local Nigeria | niger
FBI Confidential Database | FBI
Steve Case's gay porn archive | snax

aol$ channel snax
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There are 2 new files since your last visit.

aol$ list newfiles
s | filename | size
! | hello.jpg | 43k
! | largecocke.png | 475k

aol$ download hello.jpg largecocke.png
Queueing download of hello.jpg as id 20721
Queueing download of largecocke.png as id 20722

aol$ channel FBI
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Welcome to the FBI private database!
aol$ lookup Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
  • Alias Crash Override
  • Is fucking Acid Burn (lucky bastard)
  • Also gay lover of Fantom Freak

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aol$ read mail
Segmentation fault. Core dumped

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Posted by Mr. The Plague (mastar of teh gibson)