June 9th, 2005

  • roybot

buange film and frost

I have lost a favorite dvd of mine. I traded it away really. I traded it in a frenzy, so I guess you would say I was manic. Well I only got a 6 pack of beer for this movie, a favorite of mine, as I said before. I ended up gaining two more bottles later on that night though, then a third, so a six pack of cans which I quickly drank within 6 minutes, and the bottles within 20. My tolerance with alcohol was very low at this point as through the past few months I had an agreement with an associate of mine, he would drink, I would smoke. So he drank a lot and this gained me many fine bags of potent mind refreshingly potent chronic. This was during the warmer part of the year when we had this going on. Much time off work for my associate it seemed though I would not have had the memory to know it, really. For I spent most of my days with the windows covered, and the door covered, all things locked, in a very comfortable atmosphere. I had two lava lamp globes to one stand as the stand for on of them broke. So I would switch these on occasion, sometimes multiple times daily though, so again another instance in which I could be considered manic, if only for a second or that day. The other source of light I had was one I kept on only for few moments when preparing a splif, bowl, or situating a fine adult magazine. I will leave the name but let's say there are some fine articles by norman mailer. Also to change games for the ps2, or to pick a dvd and throw it on. Just as well I also had a computer in this same room, so I would switch between the game (san andreas mostly), the movies, the tv, the magazines, the internet... Was really good times, and now I can say I made a wonderful choice choosing to smoke and not drink. At least I could keep myself stimulated and not lazy as some people tend to get. I just cannot allow that and most of the time I could concentrate enough to read the articles fully. Back to this dvd, I sold it for drink, my times were gone, at least then, and even now mostly where I do not have abundant supply. I will surly seek to have another run, next time for 8 months, perhaps 16 with enough thoughts and preparation. Seems logical and much better then trying a little any free second which is never if you don't look. Well I know now the movie can be replaced of course, it is still on sale online and in some video stores. I would have been so much more satisfied to have sold that movie for a bag, as then, I would have thought of some way to get it back. Thought process is made with 97.655% orange juice per 10,000,000th fucking itch....

Posted by cakedrink the nefarious