April 19th, 2005

  • roybot

gasoline gangbang

If commands are introduced to the irc platform and people use them does this make them out to be monkey raping politicians? One a different view, if they say lol and you reply with a spectacular LOL is the capitalized version superior? As well does repeating others confirm everyones natural fear of looking uneducated in our monkey world. Do you really need to repeat a command after another to dance in rhythm embracing your shared fear.

Posted by cakedrink the nefarious
  • roybot

piggly-wiggly metrics

&here is the direct formula (no potato 87% guarenteed) to send the marketing department of piggly-wiggly on a snipe hunt:

1. pick a day as national show your piggly wiggly day
2. on national piggly wiggly day, randomly moon piggly wigglies in your area
3. fill out customer suggestion forms demanding more mooning
4. start a piggly-wiggly mooner's fanclub
5. take over the planet

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker