April 6th, 2005

  • roybot

It's been a long day

That was the most tangent-prone sandwich making escapade I've ever experienced.

Now, making tuna sandwiches is a complex business in and of itself - it's not like most other sandwiches, where you just slap on some mayo and a bit of meat. No, you must mix the tuna and mayo together, in a seperate bowl (not forgetting to mash up the tuna with a fork a bit), and then transfer the contents to bread. This allows you to get the tuna to mayo ratio within acceptable levels.


I started out to the kitchen, thinking of sandwiches. Everything went well up until I was about to put the mayo in. As I was finishing chopping up the tuna, a significant chunk launched itself out of the bowl, over the edge of the table, and down to the floor.

Sighing, I sprayed some Simple Green (or, as it's know to the Japanese: nuclear cleaning fluid) on a paper towel, and swiped the chunks up. I then headed over to the trash can. However, a chunk of tuna fell from the paper towl, and on to the floor.

I picked it up by hand to save the trouble of another paper towel, and then went to wash my hands.

Then someone knocked on the door. Hastily drying my hands on a nearby t-shirt, I swung over and peered out the peep hole.

It was Richard Nixon. Richard Spankin' Nixon.



Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker