November 21st, 2004

  • roybot

Epic Part I

Jebediah Brenth frowned. This was not how it was supposed to be going.

The myril crystal gave another half-assed spark.

It was supposed to teleport him back to Branlen's Keep, but it seemed to be more in the mood to taunt him by attempting to zap his fingers.

It was the sort of thing that added to his nagging doubts about a new recruit, who had happened to be manning the equipment store this morning when Jebediah had went to get myril crystals for his task.

If it was intentional, it was a gamble: there was an even chance that he'd have used the broken one first, and discovered the issue without any consequences. Why anyone would feel about him that way, he did not know - but he did know that the Keep got its share of nutters, and he hadn't seen enough of this chap to know if he was trustworthy. Yet.

Training was thorough, and eventually they all became trustworthy, to varying degrees. But he was new.

Jebediah let out a quiet hum, as he was prone to do when dished out difficult situations - presuming swords weren't immeditely necessary. It was possible to tamper with crystals so that the actions of two were bound to each other, but the party in question was nowhere near to posessing that ability yet - Jebediah was in training for six months before he learned of such things, and the chap had been there just short of three weeks.

Well, that could wait for the moment. Jebediah had no doubts about what he had to do in the here and now - he had to drecking walk back. It was good he didn't take a lax approach to his job, like some of his collegues - the myril crystals almost never failed, and so some didn't bother bringing all their gear for delivery jobs anymore. Well, Jebediah did, and he was glad now.

A thought occured to him, and he began digging through one of his many storage pouches... He might have a spare myril crystal. One had been given to him as a gift - Inn's gave them to guests and such to encourage them to return. It was an effective marketing technique, as it instantly took you to their place of business.

Which, conveniently, was not very far from Brenlen's keep. He'd stayed at the inn while attempting to get his current post.

The pouch he was digging through was his random odds and ends bag - where he thought he might have put that crystal, if he hadn't thrown it out... ah, yes. "Being a packrat has its advantages," he thought to himself as he pulled it out.

He calmly activated the crystal, as he had done hundreds of times, and a few whirls of indecipheriable color later, he was in the lobby of a well-kept inn. And he was getting mud on their carpet.

A lady was behind a counter, starting at him, dumbfounded. Guests usually did not arrive in full war garb, with mud to match.

"Top of the morning, my lady." Jebediah said, and quickly strolled out of the door before his lady had a chance to gather her thoughts and respond.

As he stepped out the door, the Keep loomed in his sights. Much better.

Now to figure out what the business with this malfunctioning crystal was...

Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker