November 18th, 2004

  • roybot


I must say that when I fisrt started here I had seldom cannabis and even less now; in face none while I make this **** so hahahahhaa.

Well anyway I seem to think my el oh el **** was nice while I was watching The Ring <--- kicks ass!!!! hehe only in my mind does it but anywway

uhhhh I have favored suspension hanging with gasoline/explosion fire to the point. It seems a very nice way for a christmas presant?
HAHA J/K (Just Kidding)

But reallly .NET is nice? and also microsqft possibly
but really i do enjoy The Ring oh yeah I do, not sure why mabie at a first glance it seems SHIT to say the least to you, hmmmm mabie some intervention and insight and comments will give me a guide but for now I fucking lust? for that movie,; then againI lust for any movie I watch and enjoy, which is; to say the least, that I watch them over and over again and others get sick so I am forced to do this alone but they deliver more than the movie might desire, they deliver a message to help me cope with everyday life. This

May Be An Obsession But Oh Well.

Posted by cakedrink the nefarious